Patient Testimonials

"Regular chiropractic care has allowed me to live a life free from discomfort, excess tiredness, and easily becoming frustrated. In addition to the above pleasantries, regular massage therapy with Kevin has brought me relaxation, de-stressing, and overall feeling of happiness and comfort. My experiences have been very professional but also very warm and comfortable. Whenever I come to this office, I feel the same as if I were coming to visit family members with whom I fell close." - Frances N.

"Recently I made my first visit to a chiropractor and I'm glad it was Larimore Chiropractic & Massage. I was experiencing low back pain and I took the plunge to get help in remedying the problem. Dr. Larimore, Jess, and the team made my visit comfortable. I look forward to my follow-up visit and eliminating my lower back pain. Larimore Chiropractic came as a recommendation & I believe I'll being doing the same for family, friends, and associates." - Scott L.

"As an older person with osteoporosis, I was very hesitant to visit a chiropractor when I developed a problem with sciatica. So I told Dr. Larimore about the osteoporosis and he was very gentle with the manipulations. Over several visits I got so much relief. Thank you Dr. Larimore, for your care and concern. Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful. A very pleasant atmosphere when one is experiencing pain." - Louise M.

"I saw Terri yesterday for my very first massage ever. She made me feel comfortable right away. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. She explained things as she worked from one area to the next. Before she was finished I was so relaxed that I could not stop yawning. The hour went by so quickly. When she was finished, I just wanted to curl up and fall asleep. It was a wonderful first experience and I will definitely be seeing her again." - Nicole B.

"In the past, when my back would hurt, my medical doctor would prescribe muscle relaxants. It would dull the pain and my brain. With chiropractic I get quick relief and my thinking isn't fuzzy from drugs. The office always greeted me in a friendly manner. I always feel like I'm cared for and never feel rushed." - Mike S.

"Dr Walker is fantastic! He takes time to explain the muscles, what's going on, and give you exercises to strengthen and improve. I don't feel rushed out of the office and I can tell he genuinely cares about improving my quality of life. He is also a sincerely nice man and you feel 100% comfortable with him from the moment you meet him. You can tell he is passionate about his job and an overall nice person. I highly recommend him and have also heard great things about Dr. Larimore from my sister. I don't think you can go wrong with the office of Larimore Chiropractic and Massage." - Kim W.

"Dr. Larimore and staff have been my health care team since January 2012. I always feel the results of his treatments and live with less pain than I did before. It's been a quality of life saver for me where I have been able to do most daily living activities without the overwhelming pain in my right hip and lower back I know I would have had if I had not found Dr. Larimore. I highly recommend Dr. Larimore." - Cydney R.

"I have been to many massage therapists and I have to say Kevin is by far the best! If you want to rely on someone to give a great massage the first time and every other time, you won't regret it. He will give you valuable advice on how to manage your pain as well as using exercises and stretching as long as you are willing to do it." - Amy H.

"I selected Larimore Chiropractic & Massage from an ad in the Yellow Pages as I'm new to Longmont. My initial visit was both helpful and pleasant and I look forward to my next visit. Dr. Walker was very thorough and explained all aspects of my condition and treatment in a thorough and clear way. It appears that I made a very good choice." - Anthony C.

"I've been to about 4 different chiropractors in my life, from Boston to Hawaii, and I have to say that Larimore Chiropractic has far exceeded my past experiences. From the massage chairs in the waiting area, to the massage therapists on-site, to the friendliness of all the staff, to Dr. Larimore's skilled knowledge base. Each visit is a delight and a benefit to my health." - Colette R.